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Stamford Artist Brings Her Talents to NY to Spread Message About Mental Health

Updated: May 9

May 1, 2024, New York, NY: Artist Lauren Clayton of Stamford, CT joins You Are Not Alone Murals, a non-profit public art project that inspires artists to create work in their communities–sparking hope, connection, and conversations about mental health. 

On April 23rd and 24th You Are Not Alone Murals brought their third annual mural festival to The Seaport. The Seaport MuralFest celebration is held just before Mental Health Awareness Month in downtown Manhattan in the iconic Seaport neighborhood.

Each year, You Are Not Alone Murals thoughtfully curates 10+ artists — each selected for their unique artistic ability — to contribute to a 160 ft long wall. The 2024 artists are David Puck, Vexta, Juan Carlos Pagan, Lauren Clayton, Lauren Hom, Olga Muzician, Peach Tao, Yuma York, Ross Pino, Sara Lynne Leo, and Yukiko Izumi

Mental Health is Universal

The aim of the project is to create a collection of strong murals that complement one another and reflect the rich diversity of New York. This year will feature murals painted in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Ukrainian. 

“Mental health is critically important for us all. It’s alarming how many of us are in need of help, and yearning for more positivity and healthy thoughts. I was happy and flattered to have been asked to paint alongside talented artists for this year’s festival. The project reminds me of my own journey with mental health, and how I use my art as a form of meditation. Drawing and painting are healthy distractions from overthinking. I hope that my mural inspires someone to look around, and reach for someone who needs love or reach for someone when they themselves need support. The mural is perhaps the most powerful piece I’ve painted publicly, and I hope it resonates with the community,” says Lauren.

You can discover these murals along the East River Esplanade and bike path, north of the Tin Building, located on South & Beekman Streets.The murals will remain on display for an entire year against the stunning backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

Learn more about You Are Not Alone Murals and their powerful mission >

Photos by David Dini, Howard Hughs, Byron Soza, and Katie Godowski

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