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All Walks of Life

One of Stamford’s greatest qualities is it diversity. It is in part a transient city, bringing people from all walks of life together. To celebrate this idea, we will paint a mural with a team of artists from all walks of life depicting crosswalk figures painted each by a single artist. Each iconic crosswalk figurer will be uniquely painted by an artist from

Stamford, and neighboring cities. The line of figures will be linked hand-
to-hand on the first-floor hallway of the northwest entrance of Bedford

Street Garage. Yellow stairs will lead walkers down and across the painted
pavement depicting familiar school crossing figures, a deer, a goose and
a turtle. Traditional crosswalk lines will be repainted outside of the 189
Bedford Passageway.

Each artist will design and paint a crosswalk fgurer 4 ft x 7 ft and be curated
and designed side-by-side to produce a strong composition.

Important Dates

Sunday, July 7th
9 AM - 6 PM
First available paint day. 

Participating Artists

Lauren Clayton:

Alissa Siegal:
Tara Blackwell:
Bryana Sarsoza:
Weverson Ponte:
Mike Bazelais:
Byron Soza:

All Walks of Life: What We Do
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