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Preserve Memories in the Pages of an Heirloom Book

Photographs and personal mementos are perhaps the most valuable possessions we own. Through research, including informal client interviews, and careful review of collected photographs and documents, Studio 162 is able to harmonize a stunning visual and literal narrative. 

These works of art, graphically and verbally, depict the memories, milestones and other cherished moments in our client's life. Each book is hand-bound in raw silk is unique in content and concept for each customer. A book can be made to detail a couple's courtship, an individual's childhood, a ceremonious occasion, explores a family's ancestry and countless other themes. 

Studio 162 also collaborates with writers, illustrators, designers, photographer and painters to bring diversity and pure artistry to each heirloom.

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The Process

It starts with reseach and collecting memories to designing and binding. Bookbinding is one of the most creative parts of the process. After a book has been designed and printed, Lauren carefully hand binds each book with dupioni silk. Cover designs may include photos, inlays, and patterned areas.

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