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"When I draw, I am at peace. Almost in meditation. I make patterns and connections and am contemplative. When I paint, I am at play. I play with color, shape, and symbols."

Lauren Clayton has works for sale and is available for commissioned work as well. Lauren is a member of SHIM Network, an art network for artists, curators, and galleries. A selection of current works are available on Artsy.net.



Acrylic and Mixed Medium



  • Aqua Art Miami
    Aqua Hotel & Suites
  • Superfine Art Fair: Washington DC
    Union Market
  • Elementials
    Casa Bonita Restaurant & Lounge
  • Art & Crafts Fest on Bedford
    Bedford Street
  • Conn Arts Fest at Two Roads Brewery
    Two Roads Brewing Company

Sugacane Danger

Artist Lauren Clayton “Sugacane Danger” explores the idea of connections, ethnicity, and our impact in our environments. Her paintings and drawings are bold, colorful, and woven with layers of symbolism. Raised in Connecticut, Lauren studied painting and design at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York City. She's exhibited at area galleries, performed live paintings and murals.


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