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Logos + Branding

Image is everything. The right colors and icons link your image with your business model. From its conception to the development of a brand language, Studio 162 can make it happen.

A company’s brand and subsequent language can extend over various forms of media, including packaging, presentations, reports, business stationery, etc. Studio 162 helps business design their brand, slogans, and color combinations. With our design help, a combination of your colors, icons and words can automatically link a client to your growing brand.

Logo Design: Text
Logo Design: Gallery

The Process

How to Design a Logo

First, our logo/identity designer must understand your company, your market, and your mission. Research turns into sketches of potential marks, type treatments and icons that identify your brand simply. We then refine designs to pinpoint the most appropriate and unique logos. Through creative discussion and testing ideas, we finalize a powerful design!

Logo Design: Image

Designing for Nonprofits

We believe in designing with a purpose.

That's why we have a special focus on designing for nonprofits and helping to raise support funds for missions we care about. Studio 162 is honored to design for several non-profit organizations and their special events in Stamford, Greenwich, and lower Fairfield County.

Logo Design: Clients
RYB Paint Supplies
Greenwich Hospital Under the Stars
DJ April Larken
Gold Exchange of Stamford
Gardenmind Decor Logo
The Cafe at Greenwich Library
Logo Design: Portfolio
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