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About the Studio

Studio 162 is a boutique art and graphic design company in Stamford, Connecticut. Studio 162 exceeds your art and design dreams by creating iconic logos, impactful designs, and memorable artwork. We offer great customer service, are responsive and sensitive to our client's needs. Our creative family tree prides itself on staying abreast of 2020 design trends and the latest software. We have a special concentration on designing for area non-profit organizations, including Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich International Film Festival, Abilis, and Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Founder, Lauren Clayton has appeared in numerous magazines, including Jewel, Black Enterprise, and New Canaan Magazine and has also appeared on Connecticut New Channel 12’s Our Lives, hosted by Gwen Edwards.

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Meet Lauren

Graphic Designer + Artist

Lauren, founder and head designer of Studio 162, studied graphic design, photography, printmaking, and painting at the Cooper Union School of Art in NYC. She's fortunate to have interned with American graphic designer Milton Glaser, and studied under Philippe Apeloig during her time there. Lauren received a grant for $20k from the Miller Brewing Company’s Urban Entrepreneur Business Grant Series to help launch Studio 162. Lauren began specialized in designing family heirloom books at the start of her business but has grown to offer a variety of creative solutions. As a designer, she's inspired Paula Scher, and is wild about Frida Kahlo and Hundertwasser --All for their use of bold color and symbolism. She is an active artist in the lower Fairfield county and has been featured in area newspapers and magazines. Lauren is active in her community by mentoring design students, offering internships and discounted design rates to non-profits. Lauren is a Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholar alum.

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In The News

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Stamford Magazine

November, 2022

"Need pep in your step? Check out the vibrantly colored mural at Kiwanis Park, just steps from the Palace Theater. It is both an energetic candy-colored marque that reads now playing: "Stamford downtown.” It’s a combination of electric pinks, blues, purples, and pops of yellow that capture the rush of anticipation. One feels moments before a show begins..."
~ Diane Sembrot, Stamford Magazine

Design Family Tree

You are only as great as the people you surround yourself with. That’s why Studio 162 treasures its network of talented designers, illustrators, painters, planners and photographers.

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Byron Soza

Audio/Visual Creator

Bry Isriel

Designer + Artist

Don Hamerman


Sebastian Dostmann

Event Designer + Manager

About: Our Team
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