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Dream Street Murals, Norwalk CT

For most of us, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is a place we drive through when going from Point A to Point B. What if we could change that journey? What if we curated safe spaces on these streets for arts, inclusion, and unity to honor the life, ideas, and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? In the Spring of 2021, artists were invited to create site-specific art installations, events, and improvements in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Corridor to celebrate his legacy, create identity, and foster inclusion. Lauren Clayton is pleased to have been selected as one of the artists.

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Murals in Downtown Stamford, CT

The City That Works, Is Now Playing
Atlantic St, Stamford, CT

Have you seen the new murals by the Palace Theatre in Stamford? This May, Studio 162 painted two large-scale murals to the grounds of Kiwanis Park in Downtown Stamford. Studio 162 was commissioned by Stamford Downtown Special Services District. Together with ELM, the Kiwanis Park between Summer and Atlantic Street is transformed with new seating, ground murals, lighting, and landscaping. See the process on IG at @studio162design. Mural photos by Happyhaha Photos

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"The Promised Land" 

492 MLK Dr, Norwalk, CT

Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned the Promised Land as "a place where you do not have to march for your dignity. It is where you do not have to sing for your freedom. It is where there is no need for speeches to verify your humanity. The Promised Land is that sacred place where all people stand as equals on level, fertile ground." (1)

I am painting a mural depicting the Promised Land, grown from seeds of respect and empathy. 

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Thank You to Our Partners


Norwalk Arts Commission


City of Norwalk


Julio Pardo and ArtUP.CT

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RiseUP for Arts


Stamford Downtown Special Services District


Stamford Downtown Special Services District

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"Take the First Step"
Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., and Madison St., Norwalk, CT

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase” — Martin Luther King Jr. 

Faith noun: complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

In Martin Luther King, Jr.’s profound statement, he advises us to start the journey forward to our goal and trust the steps even if we don’t see the complete path. 

Photo by Anne Erikson

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Bedford St. Stamford, CT

The Statue of Liberty is a national symbol of freedom and hope. Given as a gift to celebrate America’s independence, she boldly embodies so much of our country’s ideals. Her likeness, pose and symbolism are captured in my interpretation called, ‘Lady Liberty and Justice.’ My goal was to paint a declaration that the Stamford community could collectively agree with. She differs from sculptor Bartholdi’s original design in her raised fist of solidarity and book with the words ‘Liberty and Justice for All.’ This project was planned over 4 weeks of online meetings and ultimately completed in 8hrs with 15 additional Fairfield county artists of color. Organized by curator Valerie Cooper, the group of artists painted our plea ‘Black Lives Matter’ with members of the community on Bedford street in downtown Stamford. Material details unknown.

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Thank You to Our Volunteers!

A special thanks to volunteers who helped Lauren "Take the First Step" on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Norwalk, CT. Volunteers helped prime and paint the main staircase in November on weekdays and weekends.

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Support apparel available with partial proceeds to benefit area nonprofits whose missions support MLK's vision.

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