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From concept to creation, Studio 162 can exceed your art and design dreams. We have a special interest in working with area nonprofits, whose missions we support with impactful design.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the heart of Studio 162. Whether to design brochures, event invitations, business cards, stationery, or marketing collateral, Studio 162 can design the perfect piece that fulfills your design vision and more. Fiverr and UpWork can be great resources for some companies. Studio 162 sets itself apart by offering onsite design sessions, design audits, competitive rates, and excellent customer service.

Fine Art, Illustrations + Murals

Lauren explores the idea of connections, ethnicity, and our impact on our environments. Her paintings and drawings are bold, colorful, and woven with layers of symbolism. Raised in Connecticut, Lauren studied art and design at the Cooper Union in New York City. She's exhibited at area galleries and performed live paintings and murals. She is available for commission work.


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Branding & Identity

A company’s brand and subsequent language can extend over various forms of media, including packaging, presentations, reports, business stationery, etc. Studio 162 helps businesses design their brand, slogans, and color combinations. With our design help, a combination of your colors, icons and words can automatically link a client to your growing brand. Studio 162 also creates branded event graphics, logo animations and style guides.

Heirloom Books

Photographs and personal mementos are perhaps the most valuable possessions we own. Through research, including informal client interviews, and careful review of collected photographs and documents, Studio 162 is able to harmonize a stunning visual and literal narrative.

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Website Design

A website is an essential element of a company's marketing campaign. Studio 162 creates sites that truly reflect the identity of the company, and look to fulfill the needs of its visitors with a compelling user experience. Unique design and easy navigation combine to create a flawless site.

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Our Policies

60% due to start development.
4% processing fee for credit card transactions.
By paying the deposit, you agree to proposal terms
10% Late charges apply to past due invoices
Websites: Balance due before website launch
Files: Balance due before final files are sent
Print Projects: Balance due before sending it to print.

Our Services: Text
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