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Local Artists Help Ensure Pedestrians Cross Safely

For Immediate Release: June 22, 2024

Stamford artist Lauren Clayton jumped at the opportunity to respond to the call for artists by the City of Stamford and Stamford Downtown. This spring, a call went out to paint a mural at the The Bedford Street Garage (17 Forest Street) and the crosswalk connecting the garage and the Bedford Street Passageway (189 Bedford Street). Clayton had worked with Stamford DSSD once before. In May 2022, Clayton with the help of family and friends, transformed the Kiwanis Park outside of the Palace Theatre into a promenade with two ground murals. One of which reads, “Now Playing, Stamford Downtown.”

This year’s Stamford Downtown’s Public Art Mural Project represents a partnership between the City of Stamford, Stamford Downtown, and the Business Improvement District within the City’s urban core. 

The Bedford Street Garage and the surface parking lot are amid a period of transition. The City of Stamford is presently investing in the garage by making a series of repairs and much needed maintenance while redesigning the lot, to improve the motorist and pedestrian experience. Additionally, the redevelopment of 128 Broad Street to a 194-unit residential building with 4,300+ square feet of retail space is on track to break ground this summer. With all this upheaval, the need for motorists to park in the Bedford Street Garage and not in the surface parking lot is a matter of great importance.

Stamford Downtown and the City believe that having a mural on the garage’s first floor hallway leading to the Bedford Street Passageway will significantly improve the flow of traffic while beautifying the area.

The mural portion of the project is set to begin this week. “All Walks of Life,” as it’s referred to is an extra special project for Clayton because she’s collaborating with talented local artists, Tara Blackwell, Alissa Siegel, Bry Isriel, Mike Bazelais, Weverson Ponte, and Byron Soza. Many of whom are from Stamford. “I wanted to work with amazing local artists who will have the chance to regularly see the impact of their artwork,” Clayton says. 

The wall mural at the exit of the Bedford Street Garage will be painted with iconic crosswalk figures. Each figure will be linked hand-to-hand, painted each by a different artist. “I hope this wall mural conveys that we all come from different walks of life, but can be unified.” Clayton states.

The second crosswalk mural to be painted by Clayton and Soza will depict a variety of familiar traffic figures and wildlife including a deer, goose, dog, seagull and of course a chicken.

“One of Stamford’s greatest qualities is its diversity. It is in part a transient city, bringing people (and animals) from all walks of life together. I am excited to work with these artists, the City and Stamford Downtown Special Services District to help transform this popular area with art.” Clayton says.

The mural project is due to be completed by mid July. To learn more about the project and its artists, visit

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