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Holiday Homemade Gifts

When you're young, you make gifts for your family with macaroni and glitter. When we grow up, we find ourselves in malls and online sites, searching for that special gift. Let's bring it back. Let's buy less, and make more!

6 Holiday Homemade Gift Ideas

1) Make a Bracelet!

Start with an unfinished natural wood bangle, paint a lovely design, and complete it with a matte or glossy finish! Find Unfinished Bangles on Etsy

2) Make a Gift Card!

Many online sites only offer E-Gift Cards. Take it up a notch by creating one! Use craft paper (cardstock works best) and cut out a business card size piece. Draw the company logo, or a holiday message, and add the amount. Mount it on another piece of paper for the full effect!

3) Make a Collage!

I love collaging. It's relaxing because there are no rules! Find some old magazines or junk mail and perhaps doodles from your notebook. Cut out pieces round, triangular, and square. Compose your design on craft paper, and finish with glue!

4) Make a Painting!

You don't have to be an artist to make a painting, just play!

5) Make a Planter!

This a perfect gift! Use old toys, pickle jars, half-finished candles...the stranger the better!

6) Make a Mask!

Make a fashion statement with your homemade mask! There are hundreds of DIY patterns online or repurpose a simple black or white cloth mask. Add some minor details with fabric paint, and voilà you are finished. (Be sure to keep the mask breathable.)

Making is not your thang, that's okay...head over to Studio 162's store for unique holiday gifts, art, and more! Browse Store!


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