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Moments Captured

Pictures from Art + Design Adventures

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2019 Aqua Art Fair During Art Basel Week

I still can't believe I showed at Aqua Art Fair during Miami's infamous Art Basel Week! I was invited by SHIM Network to show 4 works from the 'Black Saints Series.' I sold 2 of the 4 at the show! I am grateful to have met new collectors, fans and fellow artists. I can check that item off my bucket list!

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2019 Stamford Arts + Crafts on Bedford

First time exhibiting at the Stamford Art & Crafts on Bedford. It was really a great experience. I met new fans, sold paintings and small prints and even got to paint live! This art show inspired me to want to paint a mural in Stamford.

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2' Daruma Doll Sticker

"Daruma" is a traditional Japanese doll rich with symbolism. Color in one eye when you’re ready to set your goal. The Daruma, modeled after the founder of the Zen tradition of Buddhism, watches you and reminds you to keep your goal in sight. When you’ve achieved your goal, color in the other eye!

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